A Few Interesting Spots We've Discovered While Touring the World Wide Web

Village of the Arts & Humanities

"The Village of Arts and Humanities is a community-based arts, education, and neighborhood development organization located in inner city North Philadelphia. Through arts-based programs and activities, we work with residents to reclaim abandoned space and rebuild a sense of hope and possibility in their neighborhoods. Youth and adults work together to turn garbage-strewn vacant lots to into vibrant art parks bursting with beauty and greenery."


Women Beyond Borders

"Women Beyond Borders is the the possibility that all women are honored for their untold voices and visions and that women support one another in this quest."


Parade of the Species

"The Procession is about creating a conversation about who we are as a people. This is a unique event that really captures everybodys heart and spirit and joy in a multi-generational way."


Art Heals

"The Arts and Healing Network honors and supports the emergence of hearling artists and recognizes them as essential catalysts for positive change." Marion Weber. There are wonderul projects on their website.


Xavier Cortada

An Artist/Lawyer who creates amazing murals all over the world.


Opening of the Heart

Engaging Compassion through the Arts and Education


Jail Art

Community Works/California (CW) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the arts and education as a catalyst for change among underserved populations in the San Francisco Bay Area


Ashes to Snow

A Beautiful Website



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