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This is not really a picture of our store. Thanks to living in a virtual world things can be exactly the way we want them to be.



The Edges is a social business created to market our products. All the profits from the sale of these lovely items are invested in great projects like the ones on our links page.

Coffee Mug: The Travel Series
Coffee Mug: The Travel Series
Tote Bags
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  25 % of the sale of all original art work in our store goes to fund organizations that are investing in the future of humanity.  
2008 Gallery
1. The Kids' Table with Tulips
2. Tulips
Sold $700
3. Crabapples and Snow
Sold $1150
4. Cold Morning, Red Trees and Hot Coffee
2007 Gallery
1. Silence
2. Red Trees Lake Grange
3. Late Summer Lake Grange
4. Early Fall
5. Walking with Suella
6. The Last of the Morning Glories
7. Something Else Begins to Emerge
2006 Gallery
1. Lullabye Babe
2. A Summer's Day
3. My Grandmother's Basket
Sold $850
4. Ruby Throat
5. Another Version
2005 Gallery
!. Someone Had to Take the Picture
2. Walking on Water in Paradise
3. Superheroes in Paradise
Sold $1200
4. Basket of Primrose
5. Peppers
6. Small Basket
7. The Label
8. Radishes
2004 Gallery
1.Winter & Snow
2. September
3. My Room with a View
4. I Always Want Flowers
5. Backed into the Corner
6. These Are My Things & I LikeThem
7. Ireland
8. Flowers for Mike
Earlier Works  
1. Green Me
2. Red Me
3. Who Am I at 50 that I wasn't at 23?
A Millennium Ago  
Self Portrait
Sometimes You Scare Me


We will be adding to our store in the near future

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